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I finally get it. "Centrist" means "Can still be bought by big business". Without a public option (and now dropping the Medicare buy-in) what we have is a healthcare plan that requires all Americans to buy expensive insurance from companies that add NO value to our healthcare system and ration healthcare as a daily practice.

So, I give a sincerest "FUCK YOU" to Senator Lieberman for being the poster boy of "Bought and Paid For" (your Centrists in action).

They might as well scrap it and continue to leave the 45.7 million Americans without healthcare fucked and all of us with existing conditions hosed. Insurance companies have armies of lawyers. They aren't afraid of the individual suing them and they will just price insurance for those of us with existing conditions out of reach. Again, people with existing conditions are reduced to "Hurry up and Die" status.

I now vote only one party. That is Democrat. You see, I expect there to be some people in any party that won't support a given bill. This is because people should be free thinkers and come at issues from different angles. However, there is something wrong with a party where nobody has an individual thought in their head. The Republicans marching in lock step to trash all legislation that they themselves did not propose is a sign that they don't care one bit about the American public and are more worried about gaining power back in the House and Senate no matter how it damages those of us under their protection. Don't make the mistake of thinking your representatives actually represent you. The stakes are much higher than you and me and the Republicans won't let the estimated 18 thousands people that die because they lack health insurance a year get in the way of regaining their power base. It disgusts me to see what a party I so heartily believed in based on their root ideals has become. It's still the Bush doctrine. Here is your marching orders...don't question. We will win even if our constituents loose.
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